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  At JVComputers we offer personalized service - no matter what your computer system needs are.

That means that we want to know what your computer needs are before we suggest a purchase. Our goal at JVComputers is to make existing computer systems work to their fullest capacity. So, if all your existing computer system needs is a part, JVComputers will work with you. We usually get parts within a few days. In some cases next day service is available. We would only suggest a system purchase as the most cost effective solution for you - our customer.

We want you to know that when you make a purchase from JVComputers,

we will offer you the lowest possible price.

Our personalized service does not end with a sale.

When you make a purchase, JVComputers will set it up so that it is ready to work for you. With JVComputers you deal directly with a trained pc technician, not an impersonal service department.

And, at JVComputers we can offer systems at the most competitive prices around, complete with everything you need. If the idea of personalized professional services appeals to you - give us a call.

You'll be glad you did!
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