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Jose V.

      I would like to take this opportunity to thank you from 2 perspectives: ( 1 ) Upgrading my computer system from the "old" Windows 95 to the latest Windows XP ; and ( 2 ) Providing your guidance in making me obtain a better understanding  - in simplistic terms - of the workings of my computer and printer systems.

 Again many thanks.

 Americo ------- 


thank you- merci - gracias - grazie...






 Thanks, Jose, warning noted, and I'm passing your email about it on to you, dear family and friends.  Jose is our computer genius repair and web page master, and his advice here is important - a key - never open an attachment unless you know for sure what it is, not just who sent it to you,  if you're not expecting it.  If there's not an really clear description of what its content is, email and ask the sender about it, unless the contents it is more than obvious it is safe, or you are shooting a loaded gun at your PC system.   Love and hugs, Lynn


Jose, first of all I'd like to say thank you so much for all your help.  I realized last night that I must seem like a pain in the ass cry baby, but you very calmly helped to calm me down and showed me, or walked me through what I needed.  You didn't just pacify me.  You helped me.

That shows that you have excellent people skills.  That's something you can put in a resume.

Also, I realize that you have other things going on at the same time, Aimee was talking to you, the kids were there and calling your attention, and while all of that was going on, you were still able to help me.

Thank you so much.  You truly have earned your craft, your talent, and most of all your title.  You are multi-faceted and that's a great thing.

Good luck in all you do.  I wish you all the success in the world.  You truly deserve it.




 Thank you.  As always, you are the best.  I still say you have not yet been discovered.  When a LARGE company discovers you you will be a secret weapon and they will pay through the nose to keep you.  :)

Ms Renee


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